Arts, Culture, and Community Outcomes

What Four LISC Projects Accomplished

Christopher Walker and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

Part of a series of reports and case studies commissioned by LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), Arts, Culture, and Community Outcomes: What Four LISC Projects Accomplished uses programs in Duluth, Minnesota, Richmond, California, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Indianapolis, Indiana to analyze what arts and culture add to community development efforts, particularly insights to how these programs had an impact on economic and social change. Each of these programs are explored in more depth as case studies, part of a series on the intersection of community development with arts and culture, published by LISC and Metris Arts Consulting. The series also includes papers on artists as leaders in community development (Not Just Murals) and the economic benefits of arts-and-culture led community development (More Than Storefronts).

Source: Metris webpage