Designed to Scale

Mass participation to build resilient neighbourhoods

Civic Systems Lab

From the report's website:

"The Open Works research project aimed to test if a platform approach could scale up the new type of ‘participation culture’ that has emerged over the last 6 - 10 years. It aimed to discover if a high density of this type of micro participation activity, built into the fabric of everyday life, has the potential to aggregate and combine to achieve lasting long term change, both for individuals and for neighbourhoods.

A small, living prototype system was built in order to test the idea and this was done in West Norwood, Lambeth, London, in 2014/15.

Lambeth Council and Civic Systems Lab formed The Open Works team to co-create a network of 20 practical projects with 1000 local residents. These projects were inspired by ideas from across the world that offered the potential to support a new and more sustainable way to live our everyday lives.

These 20 projects created new and engaging opportunities for sharing knowledge, spaces and equipment; for families to work and play together; for bulk cooking, food growing and tree planting; for trading, making and repairing and for suppers, workshops, incubators and festivals."