Participatory Metrics Report

Quality Metrics National Test

Alison Whitaker and John Knell

Through the Expression of Interest (EOI) phase for the Quality Metrics National Test, Culture Counts, working with Arts Council England, developed a short list of cultural organisations that were invited to take part in this participatory metrics strand, which also drew from members of the existing CYP network of ACE funded organisations.

As with the Quality Metrics National Test strand on the Quality Metrics, the participating organisations were provided with logins to the Culture Counts platform and supported to carry out their evaluations independently. It was stressed to all the cultural organisations who would be evaluating a participatory event that they were free to choose which of the metrics they wanted to use, and to suggest alternative / additional metrics that they felt they needed to capture the quality of the participatory experience they were offering. The aim was to not only improve the metrics and check their alignment with the quality principles but also to analyse the extent to which they were grouping together in natural clusters, in terms of which aspects of the participatory process and associated outcomes they were measuring. Eleven cultural organisations within this strand carried out 24 evaluations collectively.

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