Towards cultural democracy

Promoting cultural capabilities for everyone

Nick Wilson, Jonathan Gross, and Anna Bull

14 recommendations are targeted at a broad set of stakeholders, including national government departments and agencies, private trusts and foundations, local cultural policy makers, arts and cultural organisations, and cultural creativity initiatives (such as the Get Creative Campaign, Fun Palaces and 64 Million Artists). Framed around the promotion of cultural capabilities for everyone, the recommendations include:

  • exploring the best institutional arrangements through which this overarching objective can be achieved;
  • reviewing how this policy objective complements rather than negatively impacts existing policy directions and priorities; considering what investment might be needed;
  • paying particular attention to the creative citizens and pillar organisations that play a crucial mediating and connecting role in promoting cultural capability;
  • encouraging arts organisations to develop their own explicit cultural capability strategies; paying special attention to the role of digital platforms and technologies;
  • encouraging local (and city-wide) responses;
  • working with local radio;
  • developing connections between organisations and individuals of many kinds – including partnerships between arts organisations and ‘non-arts’ groups.

The report was commissioned by the Cultural Institute at King's and is based on a research collaboration with the Get Creative campaign, July 2015 - October 2016. This campaign aims ‘to inspire people to try something new at home or at a Get Creative event and to encourage people to share their own examples of everyday creativity’. It is led by a consortium of cultural organisations - 64 Million Artists, Arts Council England, the Arts Council of Wales, BBC, Crafts Council, Family Arts Campaign, Fun Palaces, Voluntary Arts, What Next?, Creative People and Places, and Creative Scotland.