Creative Community Development

Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, Rachel Engh, and Susan Fitter Harris

Metris completed a network scan that surveyed 75 community development organizations; facilitated 20 interviews and conversations with experts in the field and potential partners; and generated five “Bright Spot” case studies that highlight network organizations’ approaches to creative community development. Through a curriculum review, Metris analyzed opportunities, gaps, and potential collaborations in the realm of training for creative community development. Metris also convened regular meetings with the internal work group and stakeholder advisory committees and worked with an artist to plan and execute a day-long convening to share and gather feedback on planning process finding. The planning process culminated in a statement that articulates NeighborWorks America’s position, a synthesis of key issues facing community development organizations engaged in this work, and four objectives and detailed strategies that leverage NeighborWorks America’s unique strengths to best meet opportunities and critical gaps. Metris also prepared a detailed work plan to guide implementation of NeighborWorks America’s creative community development objectives.

Source: Report description