Transforming Young Minds

Miriam Steiner

Rhythmix commissioned Ally Daubney and psychologist Gregory Daubney to independently evaluate and report on Music in Mind, a program for young people with mental health conditions. Dr Daubney is an expert in the field and a long-term collaborator with Rhythmix and many local community music institutions.

Although we are leaders in our field, we recognise the need for a deep and unbiased insight into the impact of our programmes. Without an external perspective, evidence can be perceived as biased or self-promotional. Using a broad external research process, rigorous conclusions can be drawn which stand the test of public scrutiny.

Additionally, an external perspective shines a light on aspects of the programme that we may not have considered. For example, the external evaluation reported that the music sessions provided a space for parents and carers to meet while their children were making music, and that helped to reduce feelings of isolation and the stigma of having a child with a mental illness.

The researchers worked with the young people and the wider team around them, including the Rhythmix musicians, therapists, occupational therapists and parents, to get a broad picture of the impact of music-making.