How can cultural sub-sectors respond?: Three indicative case studies

Chapter from "Re-Visioning Arts and Cultural Policy: Current Impasses and Future Directions"

Jennifer Craik

In this chapter, the author explores several micro-studies of specific cultural sub-sectors: museums, indigenous arts and culture, and circus. These have been chosen because of the extent to which they challenge orthodox characterizations of the arts and cultural sector. the first study, on museums, examines the 'crisis' in the new 'museology.' The second on indigenous arts and culture, explores an area that has evolved from a marginal ethnographic interest into a major plank in national cultural policy, and moreover, has succeeded in balancing government support with commercial success. The third case study examines 'circus,' which as an 'outsider' genre, challenges many of the assumptions underpinning policy governing the mainstream arts and cultural sectors by developing an innovative and vibrant new artform that has revolutionized ideas about performance, spectacle, physical training, cultural export and audience development.

Source: Chapter Summary