Hidden Histories of World War One: Ramgarhia Sikh Tapestry Project

A collaboration between the Ramgarhia Social Sisters and the Centre for Hidden Histories

University of Bristol and AHRC Connected Communities Programme

This case study was produced in 2018 as part of the Common Cause Research project.

Ramgarhia Sikh Tapestry Project was funded by the Centre for Hidden Histories, which is based at the University of Nottingham, to undertake work during 2015. The collaboration was between a group of Sikh women in Leicester and two academic advisors from the University of Nottingham who are also Co-Investigators with the Centre for Hidden Histories. The collaborators were supported by a Community Education Manager (CEM) from Leicester City Council who brokered the initial connection between the women and the Centre for Hidden Histories. The aim of the Sikh Tapestry project was to support the women to undertake research on the contribution of Sikh soldiers to the First World War, and their research informed the creation of an embroidered tapestry that represents Sikh involvement in this war and reflects the Sikh culture, faith and art. The tapestry was also informed by the women’s own family histories linked to the First World War. This case study is based on group discussion and feedback in which nine of the fourteen women participating in the project, one of the academic Co-investigators and the CEM from Leicester City Council participated.

Source: Project Summary