The impacts of fundraising periods and geographic distance on financing music production via crowdfunding in Brazil

Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva, Luciano Rossoni, Bruno S. Conte, Cristiane C. Gattaz, and Eduardo R. Francisco

The paper examined 1,835 pledges to 10 different productions through the course of 2013. The research was granted access to data from the Catarse platform, in particular they looked at the distance of the donor from the entrepreneur, the size of the donation, and the time in the fundraising window in which donations were made. The study found that a donor’s proximity to the project increased their chances of donating. Most of the donors in the study are local donors (within a radius of 50km of projects they fund). In addition, the study also found that the amount pledged reduced in relation to distance from the project. Finally, they also found that pledges to projects tend to rise in value through the life of the fundraising period.

Source: Article Description