Creative Placemaking on Vacant Properties

Lessons Learned from Four Cities

Rachel Engh, Susan Fitter Harris, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, Danielle Lewinski, and Chelsea A. Allinger

In 2017, Center for Community Progress engaged Metris to support an exploration of using creative placemaking on vacant properties to foster equitable revitalization. Throughout the project, interdisciplinary cohorts from four cities participated in learning exchanges to gain knowledge and tools. Center for Community Progress gained new insights into the relationship between local priorities and creative placemaking for vacant property revitalization. Metris collaborated on the selection of cities and interdisciplinary delegation formation and helped craft two learning exchanges and supported follow-up site visits for two cities. Through the learning exchanges and site visits, Center for Community Progress sought to identify key factors that impede creative placemaking on vacant properties. Finally, Metris drafted a report to synthesized findings from the peer exchanges, site visits, and peer-learning event to be shared with Center for Community Progress’ national audience.

Source: Report Description