Pulse report: Local authority arts funding – what should be done?

Frances Richens

esponses to this survey paint a bleak picture of the effect that government cuts are having on local arts and culture infrastructures. While it is hard to lay all the blame for the concerns raised by respondents at the feet of local authorities – they are only responsible for part of the funding ecosystem – it is undeniable that this drop in funding and support is having a significant impact on the way arts organisations operate.

As a result of cuts – and the demands of funders – arts organisations are having to direct increasing resources to income generation, both through commercial operations and fundraising, while simultaneously attempting to make administrative and staff savings. The comments indicate that it is smaller arts organisations and the artists and practitioners leading socially engaged arts activity ‘on the ground’ – those that rely on project and freelance work – that are suffering the most.

What is clear from responses, however, is that – even if direct funding is not possible – arts organisations see a very clear and important role for local authorities in supporting the sector and the creativity of communities.

Source: Article Conclusion