Equality and Diversity within the Arts and Cultural Sector in England

2013-2016: Evidence Review

Andy Parkinson and Jamie Buttrick

Consilium Research and Consultancy (Consilium) was commissioned in June 2016 by Arts Council England to update the previous review of evidence about equality and diversity within the arts and cultural sector in England up to 2013 (Consilium 2014). This report provides a summary of the evidence collated and reviewed since 2013 and highlights key themes and trends within the evidence base to guide and inform Arts Council England's future work around diversity.

The approach to completing this evidence review has followed established good practice around undertaking a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) including the formulation of review questions and the development of a conceptual framework. The key research questions that the review seeks to answer were discussed at the inception meeting held in June 2016 and subsequently agreed by Arts Council England

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