Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile

Hill Strategies Research Inc.

From the report's website:

"'Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile' begins the important work of building compelling evidence to demonstrate museum impacts and their economic, social and cultural contributions to Ontario’s communities. Importantly, 'Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile' also identifies the realities of operating museums in Ontario today.

The OMA, Ontario’s museums, funders and partners can use the 2014 Profile to inform decision-making, planning and advocacy. The OMA also plans to revisit the profile in subsequent years, for regular updates. As such, the 'Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile' will serve as the foundation for building a comprehensive sector-wide profile that demonstrates the ongoing impact of Ontario’s museums; enhances public accountability; and supports the creation of rich museum experiences benefitting the public."

The 2014 Profile: Facts & Figures

  • 88% of 184 responding museums provide free access to the public at select times.
  • There were nearly 5 million visitors to 146 museums: 3,230,375 paid and 1,517,437 unpaid.
  • Ontario’s museums have large and important collections: 52% of responding museums have over 10,000 objects in their collections.
  • Resources are needed for improved conservation, storage, and greater and more meaningful public access: 33% of collections are stored in areas considered to be not adequate; 50% of museums display 20% or less of their collections.
  • Over 570,000 students visited 123 museums. Responding museums are aligned with the curriculum of Ontario’s formal education system: 77% provide curriculum-based programming; 72% provide online education resources.
  • Museums are places of substantial volunteer engagement with over 13,000 volunteers contributing 777,300 hours in 2014 at 157 museums. These hours can be valued at $13.6 million.
  • Provincial support for the majority of Ontario’s museums comes mainly from the Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) program. This funding is nominal at about 6% of total revenues (81 reporting museums).
  • Most of the public sector funding comes from municipalities (84%). This funding is highly inconsistent and varies across regions (114 museums).