Governance Models of Cultural Districts

James Doeser and Anna Marazuela Kim

This report, undertaken by James Doeser and Anna Marazuela Kim, explores dimensions of governance in a systematic fashion, drawing on interviews, questionnaires and case studies. It combines primary and secondary research in a rich mix and seeks to synthesize a vast range of experience drawn from a wide range of political cultures. It offers some compelling guidelines as to good practice in governance. But it also provides the evidence from which those guidelines are drawn so readers can dig deeper and draw their own conclusions.

The research revealed the range of business models that underpin these governing entities, reviewing how cultural districts are generating revenue and expending it. The research is intended to be fully international in scope, with useful lessons for GCDN members and other practitioners around the world. Each governance model provides an example for future and existing cultural districts to learn from and shows how cultural districts may incorporate appropriate representation of stakeholders in decision making and oversight.

Source: Report Foreward