Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact

Study Book for Students, Stakeholders and Researchers

Ira Stiller, Riikka Anttonen, Victoria Ateca-Amestoy, Kaisa Holopainen, Tanja Johansson, Annukka Jyrämä, Anne Karkkunen, Kaari-Kiitsak Prikk, Kristina Kuznetsova-Bogdanovitš, Mervi Luonila, Juko-Mart Kõlar, Beatriz Plaza, Kätlin Pulk, Tiina Pusa, Anna Ranczakowska-Ljutjuk, Marge Sassi, and Anne Äyväri

This Study Book is one way to respond to the aims set by the MAPSI Project.

  • To create a specialization module in master programs in management of artistic projects with societal impact • To create an international network focusing on educating cultural managers and facilitators to manage and mediate artistic and cultural projects with societal impact. * Create an innovative field of specialization in the context of art/cultural management master’s programmes that train the future managers and mediators for artistic projects with societal impact
  • Develop new teaching materials and content of high quality that contribute to the European arts/cultural management education
  • Build up a conception of new integrated models for interactive study and internships

The book is particularly called a ‘study book’, aiming not to give direct answers, but to open avenues for students and practitioners to reflect and learn to create their own way of managing art project with societal impact.