Progressing Issues of Social Importance Through the Work of Indigenous Artists

A Social Impact Evaluation of the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation’s Pilot Community Inspiration Program

Miriam Jorgensen and Miskodagaaginkwe Beaudrie

On behalf of the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation board and staff, we are pleased to provide you with an executive summary of a social impact evaluation of our Community Inspiration Program (CIP). We commend the CIP artists and communities for their creative vision, energy, and commitment in carrying out these outstanding projects. We are grateful for the time, research and expertise of Miriam Jorgensen, and Miskodagaaginkwe Beaudrie of the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona.

While listening and learning from artists, community members, and other stakeholders the CIP was piloted from 2014 – 2016. The work is intended to be thought provoking and educational, and to encourage indigenous perspectives, intercultural appreciation, and diverse approaches. It is meant to address cultural equity in our society by supporting artists and communities to bring their collective wisdom and knowledge to bear on some challenging concerns of this century .

Source: Foreward